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Ed Helms, Andy Bernard on  The Office

Ed Helms, Andy Bernard on The Office

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy

  1. We have four different choral ensembles that vary in types of music, experience level, and purpose, so there’s a place for everyone!

  2. Two of our ensembles have subset a cappella groups that make up an important part of Cornell’s a cappella community.

  3. You gain 100 friends when you join

  4. You travel to amazing places all around the world and within the U.S.

  5. Social events where you can hang out with your fellow musicians

  6. The Alma Mater and other Cornell songs will become the ABCs to you

  7. The Chorale is a large mixed choir of both Cornell students and the Ithaca community that is the perfect place to develop vocal skills and technique.

  8. Gain experience, grow vocally, and meet local members of the Ithaca community by singing in the Chorale!

  9. You get to perform challenging yet exciting pieces

  10. Sage Chapel is a beautiful place to sing in

  11. Meet people from all class years (even graduate students) and all 7 schools from Cornell, backgrounds/countries

  12. You can be a part of one of the oldest organizations at Cornell, The Cornell University Glee Club.

  13. The Glee Club is a brotherhood of guys who know how to have a good time and make beautiful music.

  14. The Glee Club has its own house in Collegetown (aka the Gamma Chi frat house) where we have a lot of our social events

  15. It’s like Greek life except we are all good at singing and your concert attire costs less than Greek membership dues

  16. The Chorus is a 60-person-strong treble choir that focuses on performance but accepts members of all skill levels.

  17. The Chorus aims to empower women through music.

  18. The Chorus and Glee Club frequently collaborate to sing SATB music, so you’ll never be stuck singing just SSAA or TTBB.

  19. Pictures with Joe Biden, James Franco, Cornell President Martha Pollack, BILL NYE!!, etc.

  20. GroupMes galore for your voice section, class year, entire ensemble, etc.

  21. Get class credit and an easy A!

  22. Getting to make beautiful music with your best friends

  23. Rehearsals are only 2-4 hours a week so you can make it work with other activities like a cappella!

  24. Being in the Chorus or Glee Club grants you access to auditions for our subset a cappella groups, After Eight and the Hangovers, respectively

  25. Incredible leadership experiences.

  26. The audition process is fun, not scary.

  27. Auditions are about more than past experience/sightreading abilities.

  28. Our director Robert is really good at placing you in the ensemble and voice part where you’ll fit best

  29. Strong bonds within your class year and with upperclassmen

  30. Many of the ensembles rehearse in the beautiful space that is Sage Chapel

  31. Steve Spinelli, the director of the Chorale and Chamber Singers, enjoys vocal pedagogy and is a great teacher and conductor.

  32. We get together for campus events like Homecoming and Slope Day

  33. Slope Day shirts every year!!

  34. Senior Days are the most fun days of the year, let’s be honest, and you’ll get to stay on campus for them even if you’re not a senior.

  35. Singers looking for an additional challenge in terms of musicianship and personal accountability will love being in the Chamber Singers.

  36. The Chamber Singers get to perform with virtuosic faculty of the Department of Music such as the Cornell Early Music Lab.

  37. Sing in up to 4 of the 6 singing groups we have!

  38. Plan a tour and take all your friends with you on it

  39. We sing in Vespers: Carols and Lessons in December and it’s lit af

  40. Free food!!!

  41. Free apple juice ;)

  42. Having a front row seat at university events like convocation and commencement

  43. Robert Isaacs, the director of the Chorus and Glee Club, has funny jokes and uses weird metaphors that get you to sing better

  44. When I imagine a wire going through my head I can automatically sing with amazing vibrato

  45. When I imagine that I’m a peacock I can sing a high C with no problem

  46. Being in a choral ensemble is an excellent place to meet upperclassmen and ask those wise sages (pun intended) for advice

  47. Midnight Madness: Cornell-wide scavenger hunt and logic puzzle during Senior Days (aka Survivor/The Amazing Race in real life)

  48. Learn new languages (or at least a song’s worth), like Russian, Estonian, Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, French, German, and more!

  49. Songs in made-up languages that are so much fun to sing

  50. Share music with kids in the Ithaca community and on tour

  51. You will attend A LOT of BBQs

  52. The Slope Day BBQ at the Glee Club house backyard’s mini Libe Slope

  53. After Eight and the Hangovers have a brother-sister relationship, often having social events together and supporting the other group at concerts with posters and lots of screaming

  54. Choir friends come to support you at a cappella concerts!

  55. The Chamber Singers’ stunning version of Erik Esenvald’s “Stars”

  56. Although it’s not as pretty as Sage Chapel, Lincoln Hall is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

  57. Singing in a big circle on Ho Plaza every Wednesday

  58. You get to perform at places like the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian and Carnegie Hall

  59. Instead of applauding, you snap

  60. You become really good at snapping

  61. The Hangovers are the oldest continuously running a cappella group on campus and celebrated their 50th anniversary this past year!

  62. Mint green and black is such a cute color combination (After Eight’s colors)

  63. “Not Cappella”: members in the choirs who don’t do a cappella have their own party while the a cappella groups have parties with their new members

  64. Travel back in time by singing motets and fugues in the Chamber Singers.

  65. CHARIOT!! (Weekly hangouts at the Glee Club house to sing Cornell songs and our favorite permanent repertoire)

  66. “Strike Up a Song to Cornell” as the first song at Chariot is a tradition; singing “Fill the glasses with a song” and then clinking your glasses is so fun

  67. Speaking of glasses, singing a song accompanied by water-tuned glasses in Bailey Hall

  68. Being a Chorus woman and sitting in the middle of the Glee Club’s circle while they sing some beautiful song, and vice versa

  69. Singing repertoire way too loudly and energetically because Chariot is more about having fun than sounding good

  70. Chariot is a place to throw tuning out the window and it’s fine

  71. Singing intense songs with stomps and claps

  72. Having an excuse to make animal sounds because it’s part of a song

  73. Basically partying with your friends every Wednesday

  74. Sing for a sold-out crowd in Sage Chapel for Vespers

  75. Open Mic Night with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra

  76. Getting close with Chorus women through being in After Eight or getting close with Glee Club guys through Hangs

  77. The cool way to say the Steve’s name that makes him laugh every time

  78. *lowers voice 3 octaves* “STEEEEEEEEVE!!!!!!”

  79. We also have the best nickname for Robert: Baba Isaacs or just Baba

  80. Great pool for potential life partners (and musically apt hypothetical children)

  81. The basement of Sage Chapel=Glee Club and Chorus headquarters and a well-kept secret right on Central Campus

  82. You get to hang out in Sage Basement

  83. You get to jam out on the piano in Sage Basement.

  84. You get to take naps on the couches in Sage Basement.

  85. You pretty much live in Sage Basement.

  86. You get to study at the tables in Sage Basement.

  87. There’s always room at the tables and friends who can lend school supplies, electronic chargers, and academic help.

  88. Deep conversations about life in Sage Basement

  89. Sage Basement is conveniently located close to Libe, Okenshields, and the Ivy Room.

  90. Patty Clobers (aka Patrick Clobridge ‘19) and Johnna Margalotti ‘19 are the queen and king (respectively) of Sage Basement.

  91. Sage Lawn is the perfect place to enjoy the sun

  92. The Hangovers’ “You Got a C” (a parody of “Under the Sea” about Cornell’s academic rigor) is so accurate it hurts but you love to hear it anyway.

  93. Knowing all the Hangs’ choreography and doing it along with them

  94. Meet and sing for alums at Reunions

  95. Vespers afterparty, Glormal (Glee Club+Chorus+Formal), and Wine Tour = we dress up and have photoshoots

  96. CORN. NUGGETS. (At Chorus New Member Dinner at the Nines)

  97. Automatically tick off so many things on 161 Things to do at Cornell like corn nuggets, learning the alma mater, etc.

  98. Tackling huge major works of music and pulling it off

  99. Sage’s acoustics are amazing

  100. Rehearsal is an excuse to regularly get popcorn from Willard Straight

  101. You’ll never be lonely in Intro Psych, Orgo, or PHYS 1204/MUSIC 1466: Physics of Musical Sound

  102. Having fun at the Glee Club house at concert afterparties

  103. The State at Stewart bus stop is a one minute walk from the Glee Club house where you can catch a bus to North Campus

  104. Everyone respects your decisions at social events, and there’s no peer pressure.

  105. Our leaders are open to hearing about anything that’s bothering you and are willing to take action to improve the situation

  106. Being in a choral ensemble is the best way to send a high-quality “happy birthday” message to friends and family--in real time!

  107. Tour burns: at a concert on tour, the entire choir agrees to change something about the music so subtle that it goes over the audience’s heads but noticeable enough to get a hilarious reaction out of our director

  108. Since being in the choral program is the first round audition for After Eight and the Hangovers, there’s a higher standard of musical skill unique to these a cappella groups

  109. You get to be a part of so many inside jokes

  110. That time we put Closer by the Chainsmokers into musician’s terms: “1-2-2-1 1-3-3-1 1-2-2-1”...we could never look at it the same way

  111. “All Star” by Smash Mouth somehow got onto the regular playlist for parties

  112. Harmonizing while singing All Star

  113. Automatic friends to get meals with before or after rehearsal

  114. Gingerbread House Competition: each class creates their own Gingerbread House and the winners get massive bragging rights

  115. (Friendly) class warfare

  116. Getting multiple email accounts when you’re an officer--useful for those free trials!

  117. Robert has a crazy life story and is a really interesting person (read: spinning plates)

  118. Collaborating with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra

  119. Making fun of the Hangs at Chariot

  120. The Hang’s arrangement of Up the Ladder to the Roof: 3!! 4!! GAH GAHHHH

  121. Jamming out to the Hangs’ arrangement of Fire Burning

  122. On tour, you get to share your music with many different types of communities and meet members of those communities.

  123. Alum connections and networking

  124. The acoustics in Bailey Hall are top notch

  125. The world can watch you from afar in a Bailey livestream

  126. Watch yourself sing on a Bailey livestream

  127. Doing complicated arrangements in After Eight because everyone’s already a good musician from Chorus

  128. The birdman himself, James Purcell ‘18 (CAW-AWW!)

  129. Besides being a sweet and hilarious friend who we all love, James is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to ornithology and will identify any bird for you

  130. Where else can you meet a descendant of THE Robert Purcell of Robert Purcell Community Center??

  131. In Robert’s words, the Chorus has a “formidable” Alto 2 section

  132. Literally any time you meet with Robert in his office for any reason, he will make you tea.

  133. Improving your musicianship and sightreading abilities

  134. Buying TRAV (travel attire for tours) allows you to acquire professional, work-appropriate clothing

  135. Earn your iconic Hangovers Rugby jersey in colors that match the members you joined with!

  136. The choral community has a meme community of its own to rival Make Cornell Meme Again

  137. Patty Clobers makes the hottest memes

  138. James Purcell memes

  139. Icy Hot memes

  140. The way Robert gets us to make overtones in Sage Chapel by singing these words in order: Lead lid led lack lock luck load look loo

  141. The sound of overtones in Sage Chapel omg

  142. Flight attendant uniforms that we all love to hate

  143. Supportive and fun alums

  144. Being in After Eight and pretending to hate the Hangs but being the biggest Hangs groupies with matching t-shirts at Hangs concerts

  145. Where else but at choir warm-up is it normal to make weird ghost-like noises at the same time as a bunch of other people who are also making weird ghost-like noises at the end of a long day?

  146. You learn Cornell History like nobody’s business!

  147. Outreach events in the Cornell and Ithaca communities allow us to connect with music lovers of all ages

  148. Our organization is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive culture

  149. Being able to sing in SSAA, TTBB, and SATB choirs

  150. You make amazing friends

  151. Be able to come back to Cornell with your Rugby and sing with generations of Hangs alums!

  152. Serve as an officer in a position that suits your strengths and interests

  153. Do projects in areas you’re interested in that end up greatly helping the organization

  154. Robert and Steve have office hours at which you can voice any concern, related to singing or not

  155. Sing pieces commissioned just for your ensemble, and bring the music to life for the very first time.

  156. After Overs (After Eight+Hangovers) are a community in and of themselves!

  157. You get paid to stay for Senior Days and sing at convocation and commencement

  158. Sing at Madison Square Garden and then cheer on the Big Red Hockey Team

  159. Tour is a vacation every year where you get to sing with your best friends

  160. Makes a large school smaller

  161. Every week you get to pack away all your worries and share a music-making experience with interesting, talented, and diverse people.